Friday, July 16, 2004

Keitai Cinema: My Cell Phone Cinematography Video Blog

History of Keitai Cinema (Scroll Down to View Keitai Cinema Short Movies)

Although this page is dated 17 July 2004 I actually created it on 28 June 2006. I moved the original content to the 16 July 2004 post in order to make room for this Keitai Cinema page. I first started taking video footage with my cell phone on 27 August 2004. I wanted to get into vlogging, but I had trouble finding ways to host my videos online. On 2 September 2004, after a few days of experimentation, I launched “Video of the Week” using a free but small and temporary Video Desk account. On 6 September, 01 Feral JET debuted as the second “video of the week.” When my free Video Desk account expired, I gave up on vlogging for awhile, although I continued to create home movies with my cell phone. The name Keitai Cinema dates to 12 April 2005 (the date from which I claim copyright to the name) when I launched my second vlogging attempt using a paid for web-hosting service. The mis-numbered and mislabelled 06 Awabi's Last Dance was my first short movie to debut under the Keitai Cinema name, although later I retroactively added four earlier shorts to the roll. The first season of Keitai Cinema productions came to an abrupt and premature end on 30 May 2005 when my first cell phone’s camera was damaged in a rice planting accident.


#003 (4 min 15 sec)

Released Worldwide on 8 November 2006

#002 (5 min 27 sec)

Released Worldwide on 12 August 2006
Special Features:
The Making of Operation Bearwatch (compiled and narrated by David Emery)

#001 (5 min 20 sec)

Released Worldwide on 28 June 2006

#10 (4 min 53 sec)
Launched 21 May 2005

#09 (3 min 27 sec)
Launched 28 April 2005

#08 (4 min 42 sec)
Launched 23 April 2005

#07 (2 min 43 sec)
Launched 19 April 2005

#06 (57 sec)
Launched 12 April 2005

#05 (1 min 4 sec)
Launched 13 April 2005

#04 (2 min 20 sec)
Story from 13 September 2004

#03 (45 sec)
Filmed 11 September 2004

#02 (1 min 7 sec)
Filmed on --originally debuted on Video of the Week

#01 (1 min 26 sec)
Debuted on Video of the Week on 6 September 2004