Monday, August 02, 2004

For the most part this massive event has been organized and run with more than military efficiency, with a great program to boot. There are, however, two areas that continue to be problematic in spite of annual efforts to make improvements. First, the elevators are not able to cope with the high volume of traffic. During orientation rush hours it can take up to 30 minutes to catch an elevator, as they are slow to begin with and usually full to capacity when they finally arrive. At times I felt that it was taking me more time to commute from my bedroom to breakfast than it did from my home to my workplace downtown back in Toronto. There are no stairs. The second area is the availability of internet. The CLAIR Hospitality Centre (better know as the “computer room” ) has provided four laptops connected to the internet, a router for accommodating up to ten privately owned laptops with LAN ports, and a wireless hotspot. The wait period for one of the four laptops may be in the days by now, the LAN cables for personal laptops have been put on a sign-up schedule, and the wireless service has been kicking in and out, and is currently out (this last fact is at this moment eliciting expletives from the staff member manning the centre). I hope to post photos of the congested elevators and swamped Hospitality Centre tomorrow.