Saturday, August 21, 2004

The Kazamaura Summer Delinquency Prevention Baseball Series

Today I set forth into the village with my Vodafone-camera and started snapping. Unfortunately I have discovered that it didn’t come with cables for downloading the photos onto my laptop, so I have had to individually “super mail” my favourite pictures to my regular e-mail account. I wonder how much that costs?

Here is the Kazamaura Space Needle. Or should I call it the KV Tower (KV for Kazamaura Village). Actually, I will surrender this dilemma to public forum, and I invite all to present their “Name that Tower” submissions under “comments."

For a small village, Kazamaura has a HUGE baseball field, and as there was a tournament on today, I dropped by to see and be seen. It’s about time for me to start presenting my gaijin self to more of my new neighbours. Notice the beautiful setting in which the Kazamauraites combat their athletic foes! According to Mr. Kawashima, this mid-summer baseball tournament for elementary and junior-high boys is designed to channel their testosterone away from delinquent behaviour during the holidays.

This photo of “little-league moms” is little different from what one might see in the West . . .

. . . but the elaborate etiquette of the players is something to behold. Here they have come to attention and performed the “arigatogozaimashita” bow, but it did not end there. They proceeded to their respective dugouts and repeated this salute to their fans. Then, they ran across the field, tipped their hats and shouted a friendly greeting to the opposing team as they crossed paths, and likewise saluted their opponents’ fans. I had almost forgotten that I used to do the same thing when I was on my elementary school’s mini-basketball team.