Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon: Cell Phone Fun Continued . . .

Alas, without a car church is not an option for me in the village, so I set out once more to enjoy God’s beautiful creation with my cell phone.

Last night I discovered the invaluable function known as “Self Timer,” so of course I immediately tried it out.

Then, today I took it up a notch, to prove that my cell phone truly is sufficient for all my photographic needs. I took this shot by tying my phone to a tree branch with the neck strap. It shows me in my natural habitat, among the tree branches 15 metres above the river.

This shot I took by employing a three foot log I pulled off a roadside woodpile as a tripod or, in this case, a “monopod.” It seems to have worked well, as I was able to capture both the ever present “Bear Haunting (出没)! Beware!” signs as well as one of the haunting bears. As a point of interest, as I was heading for the hills the postman stopped his little red K-van, got out, handed me my mail, had me sign for my GoLloyds registration package, and then went on his merry way, all on a Sunday afternoon. Then, on my way home I did a little grocery shopping and the shopkeeper’s wife insisted that he drive me home since he was “going that way anyway.” He says that monkey sightings in town have been increasing. I wonder if Japanese monkeys make the peace sign when you photograph them?