Thursday, August 05, 2004

Squid for Breakfast

It would appear that the defacto totem spirit of Kazamaura Village is the squid. Today's breakfast at Mr. Kawashima's was similar to last night's dinner, except that this morning there was a plate of raw squid in addition to the leftover grilled squid from yester eve. As seen in the photo above, once annually the villagers of Kazamaura race their squid before eating them. This is Kazamaura's cultural highlight of the calander year. Unfortunately I will have to wait until next year to join in this festive squid sport as it occurs in July. They also provide a squid catching pool for the kids. Today I made the rounds of the board of education, the municipal office, and the junior high school, and received my official certificate of employment from the mayor. According to Kazamaura Village's official homepage, there reside here 1,427 men and 1,449 women for a total population of 2,876. As I encountered about thirty of these folks today, I imagine that by bedtime the cycle of gaijin-gossip will be complete. And for all you JETs out there doing nothing in your offices, I just want to let you know that at lunch time my supervisor sent me home to chill until my inkan gets delivered. Cheers. Posted by Hello