Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Rome wasn’t Built in a Day

When my mother read in the previous post that I didn’t have any photos of my early attempts at shuji, she immediately solved the problem by going upstairs to my old room in Gaijin-mura down in Miyagi-ken and taking a photo of my less than skilful sixth grade masterpiece.

It says “Rome wasn’t Built in a Day,” and I think my sixth grade teacher chose that proverb for me because she felt that, at best, I was going to be a late bloomer. As my mother commented, it was “aptly” chosen. But enough of inanimate objects (only the works of masters transcend that status); it’s people that we’re all interested in, so here’s a photo of the Sunflower Class presenting me with their artistic representations of my whiskers as they see them.

The Sunflower Class can be challenging due to eternally fluctuating but always short attention spans, but it is an interesting change from the three main classes. Since my JTE senior partner and I do it together, the student-to-teacher ratio is one-to-one.