Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Congratulations, Yuko!

True, the pages of this blog often plumb the depths of banality in reports on kancho and the deodorant market, but on occasion I also like to utilize them for the higher purpose of celebrating those dear to me. And today congratulations are in order for the dearest of them all. Yuko has passed her Japan Society of Certified Clinical Psychologists exam, bringing to a successful close a long, uphill journey. Unlike most of her fellow students, Yuko had to work her way through grad-school as a school counsellor at a high school, and subsequent to her graduation she had to work full-time under stressful conditions at a psychiatric hospital while preparing for her big exam. In the months leading up to the exam her father has been hospitalized for a serious health condition, and more and more stress factors have seemed to just keep piling on to her. So huzzah for a successful conclusion against all odds!

This photo is actually from Yuko’s master’s degree graduation last year, but it is an appropriate visual aid in communicating the festive spirit of this final closure.