Sunday, October 17, 2004

Fierce Shoes for Most Fierce Humen

This weekend I made my monthly pilgrimage to Yuko’s in Hokkaido where

. . . but I am the most fierce humen! I had spent the past month since my last visit wishing I had bought the pair of hiking boots that Yuko and I had been looking at on the concourse level of Sapporo Station. So this time I did. 当別 (Toubetsu), the town just north of Sapporo where Yuko lives, is unfortunately devoid of mountains, hills, rocky terrain, or any other features worthy of hiking boots, so on Saturday morning we took a walk to the local 神社 (jinja: shinto shrine) to try them out on the trees.

The relationship between an avid hiker and his hiking boots must be one of absolute trust. The boots must be incredibly light, have excellent traction over their entire surface areas, and cling like Shakespearean lovers to their owner’s ankles.