Tuesday, November 30, 2004

The Return of J Power: J Power Educates

In August I introduced “The House that J Power Built” and described how J Power contributed to the cultural edification of our junior high school’s first year students. Today their agents returned to facilitate a geology field trip. Nice guys, and I chatted quite a bit in English with the senior member of the team of J Power geologists. Really nice guys, but . . . they’re a part of the public relations campaign to pacify the local population in the face of nuclear development on the peninsula. Part of our conversation ran:
J Power Geologist (with slightly worried, slightly suspicious look in his eyes): “Are you interested in the environment.”
Me: “I’m interested in a lot of things—holistic health, real food, self-sufficiency, the environment . . . .”
J Power Geologist: “That’s good! I think that carbon dioxide emissions are very dangerous for the environment. Nuclear Power doesn’t cause emissions. You can control nuclear by-products, but you can’t control emissions from burning fossil fuel."
Me: “Yes, all the technologies for power generation have their own unique problems. The most important thing is for all people to consume less energy.”
Silence . . . change of subject.

Really nice guy, though, and it would have been a great little expedition IF IT WASN’T SO COLD!!!

The J Power prophet proclaims his message on the mountaintop—“earthquakes, fault lines, and volcanic activity are not immediate dangers in these parts and will not pose a danger to our nuclear power stations!” Oh yes, “ . . . and let’s look briefly at how the geological layers have formed along this coast under the influence of plate tectonics and volcanic activity.”

Young acolytes take away mineralogical relics to study in the science lab later.


水 [Wednesday], January 27, [1988]
To day at jim we played basketball. My team was beat by every other team in my class but we beat a team in the other class. Kids in the other class aren’t used to being beat in anything so they screamed and cried like babys. Evrey body in the other class told on people in my class to Gin. Gin is a big bolly and even if he is only 5th grade every body trys to please him. Hunamizu is our classes caward. Even if he does have a lot of mucyles. He is all ways falloing Gin with some other boys. Hunamizu and some other boys are like servents of Gins. Gin and his useless servents are alwas walking around boasting and pushing people around.

Gin, on the day most of my school came to see my family off as we set out on our journey across Asia and Europe to New York.

Close up of Gin and Some of His Cawards
(No hard feelings anymore.)