Monday, November 01, 2004

A Typical Weekend of an Aomori JET Part the Fourth: How the Diet of Worms wasn’t About McDonald’s Hamburgers

My family doesn’t celebrate Halloween, so instead we celebrate something that is important to us: the anniversary of Martin Luther nailing the ninety-five thesis to the door of the church in Wittenburg. This year we were joined by the folks of the Itayanagi Chapel community-and by quite a few others as well.

Even some of my father’s students from the nursing school in Goshogawara turned up.

Sarah uses the über force of the sword to arrest a strangely hairy Martin Luther (a.k.a. Jacob Witt) in the skit about the Diet of Worms and the doctrine of “Scripture alone, Grace alone, Faith alone.”

In order to be there I drove the four plus hours from my place to Ajigasawa on Sunday afternoon. Around nine o’clock I headed home and made another detour to the Kappa’s bath. This time the cloud cover ensured zero visibility on the mountain road, Terror Mountain failed to inspire terror in me, and the lights at the Kappa’s bath were out. I had the entire place completely to myself. It’s great to be able to splash around naked in God’s great outdoors and to sit up to the ears in hot volcanic water on a cold and rainy autumn night. I finally got around to driving the rest of the way home about half-past-one in the a.m., but without even bothering to put my shirts back on. And oh yes, I encountered a Japanese mountain goat (kamoshika) and many, many flying bats on the Yagen road! For readers in the flat lands, please understand that by "mountain road" we mean 11% grades and hairpin turns most of the way.