Saturday, December 18, 2004

Autumn’s Twilight in the Lonely Village

Aomori’s December Gloom Descends upon the Kazamaura Space Bludgeon

In spite of all my good intentions to spend this Saturday ascending Kazamaura’s highest peak (Hiuchi-dake: 781m) in search of snowboarding spots for future reference, the low cloud cover blocking any chance of a view discouraged me from carrying out that project. Instead, I spent the day indoors reading until cabin fever drove me to the park one minute’s bike ride away from my house.

Lonely in the Park

Still Lonely in the Park

Hanging Out in the Park


The Armies of Mordor Carry On with their Evil Work Unabated: A Bridge To . . . Where?!

In Japan, early winter is the season for construction. According to Middle-Aged Man (my supervisor), this is in order to burn up the year’s budget as a fragrant offering to Japan’s construction companies before the next year’s budget is set. In this country construction companies are sometimes synonymous with organized crime, and they are involved in most bribery and corruption scandals in local government. Their work will never end, because once all Japan is covered in a layer of concrete, they will probably start moving the mountains into the sea—no doubt to build a giant sea wall around Japan’s exclusive economic zones (EEZ) in the East China Sea. Hah! See if China can sneak in with its nuclear submarines then!