Friday, December 10, 2004

Children Should be Seen and Not Heard . . . because They’re Evil!

Evil First Graders of the Children’s Reich: Their faces are out of focus to protect their identities in accordance with the Gaijin Young Punks Act.

I know that these first graders are evil, because I spent all of Friday with them. They are not like the other children of Kazamaura. These first graders actually kanchoed their homeroom teacher before my very eyes. This teacher is to be highly praised. She is a slight woman, probably in her thirties or forties, with a kind but worn out look in her eyes. She is oppressed. These days sexual harassment of students by teachers is a huge item in Japanese news programs, but what about sexual harassment of teachers by students? Today was the last day at school for the worst of these young offenders. This means that in the future I can facilitate game times with this class without fear of a riot of tears and tempers breaking out every time he loses. Perhaps his absence will also relieve (at least a little bit) the premature sexual tension permeating this particular group dynamic. During Fruit Basket (and between tantrums), this little guy and the cute but ditsy six-year-old little girl in the class were sharing seats and pawing each other like high school kids—not a common sight in Japanese schools.