Thursday, December 02, 2004

Difficulties Do Not Daunt (Nec Asperra Terrent)

That is one translation of one of the four mottos of the regiment I belonged to back in Canada. It’s a suitable motto for me. Right now I am sitting in my living room enjoying a bowl of level five curry rice, not at all phased by the more annoying aspects of my day. Let me see, my right sock and pant leg got polluted with human urine (don’t even ask). The grade 2 elementary kids I was teaching were of a particularly dense variety and fanatical kancho artists to boot (ALT = fresh meat). Also, I saw my soon-to-be new house for the first time, and it is quite literally about 40% the size of my current residence. There is no room for my bed in the bedroom, there is no room for my couch in the living room, and there is no room for my dish cabinet in the kitchen (which is one and the same as the living room). The bedroom closet is huge, but since it takes up one fourth of the bedroom I will probably have to put my dresser inside it. Okay, admittedly all those items of furniture technically belong to the board of education, but my cushy lifestyle these past four months has really instilled in me an attitude of entitlement. To add insult to injury, when I got home I took the “What Canadian Province are You?” quiz I found on Ajigasawa Abby’s blog and got myself labelled as “Newfoundland.” Canadians reading this will understand how that made me feel. Actually, though, after reading the description I decided it was an appropriate assessment.

You're Newfoundland. You're not a complex person,
but it's not because you're not intelligent;
you just perfer the simpler things in life. You
can work hard and bear harder misfortunes than
most. It's too bad people underestimate you
because you're one tough S.O.B. when need be.

What Canadian Province Are You?
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木 [Thursday] January 28 [1988]
To day my teacher got really mad. She got mad because we yaned to much. When She got mad her face went purple and she told us not to come to school if we were going to yan all day. It was interesting to whatch her face go purple.

I went to the dentist to day. I thought it was going to hert like crazy but it didn’t because he put something bitter in my mouth. All he did was pull one tuth out but it cost 980¥. I have to go on Saterday to.

After I came home I went to Taturo’s house. Taturo’s house is so far away That I only got to play there for about 10 min.

My shooting whatch went funny agan so I have to get it fixed.