Friday, December 10, 2004

Instead of All the Photos I Didn’t Take . . .

There are many photos which I wish I had taken this past week, but didn’t. There was the bowl of steamed squid eyeballs and testicles that my supervisor’s wife served me last night (“Be careful biting into the eyeballs, the juices are VERY hot!” and “The testicles are much better raw because then they’re gooey like natto.”). It would have bee rude to photograph it, because that would have expressed my attitude towards these delicacies. Then there was the team we junior high teachers faced in the village volley ball tournament the other day. It was comprised entirely of mothers wearing their daughter’s school uniforms. I didn’t photograph that either, in case it made me come across as “sukebe”. So in compensation, here is a picture I ripped off from the internet. Seems harmless? Try typing her name into your search engine of choice.

Erzebet Bat(t)hory (c. 1560~1614)
Click On the Photo to Access the Website I Ripped It Off From

The other day I watched “Catch Me If You Can,” which popularized the idea that truth is sometimes stranger than fiction. It also moved me to look up the FBI’s Top 10 Most Wanted list (on which Frank Abagnale Jr. was never placed). This in turn led me to surf the web for famous female criminals because I noticed that there were no women on the current Most Wanted list. This in turn led me to the discovery of Erzebet Batthory, the Blood Countess. The tamest versions of her life history make the nineteenth century Dracula novel seem like a children’s bedtime story.