Thursday, December 16, 2004

Middle-Aged Man; Kerosene; Cookies

Middle-Aged Man: Fount of Wisdom—Different from “Old Man” because He Knows How To Work a VCR
(Mike Myers Character on Saturday Night Live)

Today I finally got my stove running again. I spent the last two days in the freezing cold because I let my kerosene tank run dry. When that happens, it becomes necessary to prime the fuel lines from the tank to the stove in order to get rid of the air bubbles. My fuel lines are particularly long, because my tank and my stove are on opposite sides of my house. Now, in spite of spending the last ten years in North America with central heating, I still remember the theory of maintaining kerosene stoves. Unfortunately I never actually watched my father perform the operations I so often heard him talk about,

so today I had to call on Middle-Aged Man to demonstrate for me the practical applications. My supervisor’s great. He spent his lunch break working on my stove. But no fear, he’s the supervisor so he just took an after lunch lunch break—and told me to go ahead and do the same.

Later that evening, I took advantage of the restored indoor climate to bake cookies (not for my supervisor—I’m not that cool). I’ve been meaning for a while to relive the baking session I had with my English elective girls a few weeks ago.

My Cookie; I Swear That There Were Nine Cookies When I Put It In The Microwave Oven!