Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Dear Alice,

I realize that you generally handle questions of a more intimate nature, but I need to solicit your advice concerning my driving problem. I am a Canadian and I used to have no trouble going around 100kph on winter roads. I did spin out once, but there was no oncoming traffic and after a few days of driving as slow as eighty I was back to normal. Then I came to Japan. The speed limit is much lower here, but I kept getting thrown off the road by frozen ruts and sheet ice.

Finally, I slid head on into a sidewalk curb and bent 70,000 yen worth of metal. Now I am afraid to go over forty. Every time I look in the rear view mirror there are twenty cars taunting me. Sometimes they pass me on the solid ice. What is wrong with me? Do my snow tires suck?

Do I suck? I want to drive like everyone else, but I’m afraid of losing more money. Please rescue my ego!

Complaining in Kazamaura