Thursday, January 06, 2005

MK Reunion: Life’s Little Touchstones for Third Culture Kids

I have written before on the MK (Missionary Kid) and the TCK (Third Culture Kid). In between all our New Year’s feasting Yuko and I went to a mini-feast at my sister’s house in order to meet one of my best childhood friends—another MK. Curtis and his older sister Heather (Curty and Heather, as I fondly remember them) were giants in my childhood psyche—a recurring constant in a seemingly inconstant world. I have no memory of friends before the advent of Curty and Heather, so they are in fact my first best friends.

Unfortunately we weren’t able to meet Curtis, but Heather (on the far left, next to my sister Anna) has been teaching English in Sapporo for over a year and a half (I was unaware of this until last month), and I finally got a chance to meet her for the first time since 1989. Now that we’ve finally re-established contact, I hope to visit Curtis and Heather in Chicago with Yuko when we travel to North America in August. In a life with so many moves and so much change and so much left behind, it’s always a delight when the paths of TCKs cross again after many years.

MKs at an OMF conference at Toya-ko (Lake Toya), Hokkaido c. 1980): Me on the far left, Heather next to me in the pink shirt, Anna standing behind us, and Curtis second from the right (excluding the Japanese school girls) CLICK ON PHOTO FOR ENLARGEMENT