Monday, January 24, 2005

My Mechanic

I have finally come to the conclusion that the car my mechanic brought back to me is not Thumper. Thumper used to thump in the front right wheel well when I accelerated. This car squeaks. I will call it Squeaky. Where are you, Thumper?! I first met my mechanic at an exclusive drinkfest at my supervisor’s house after my welcoming party at the town hall. He was pleasantly inebriated and explaining to one of Kazamaura’s three elementary school principles why he had pointed him out for early promotion to his current position. I gather from this that my mechanic has unique powers behind the scenes in the governing of Kazamaura. When I acquired Thumper sometime in September my mechanic appeared in the board of education office to sign me up with JAF and an insurance policy. His wife later came to collect my money. More recently, when my mechanic brought back my Thumper-turned-Squeaky after fixing him he said that I could leave the 70,000 yen or so I owed him in cash, in an envelope, in the board of education office. In the end I decided to bypass the board of education office and handed the cash directly to his wife at home, and she wrote me up a receipt. Later that night they brought me a gift as a thank you for doing business with them.

I had never had the responsibility of preparing an octopus for human consumption before, but I carried out my mission valiantly.

Boiled octopus is a little too gooey for my liking, so I deep fried it. Tonight I will take over a little jar of some of the kimchi I made at church last week as a “thank you for the thank you gift, gift.” Otherwise I won’t be able to look their youngest daughter in the eye in my second year junior high class.