Wednesday, January 05, 2005

The New Years Album of Family Feasting, or: “I’m So Full I’ll Eat Only Brown Rice for a Week”

Waiting for the Bus to Take Me from Kazamaura to the Oma Ferry in Lieu of the Wounded Thumper: I couldn’t help remembering the time the vice principle of the junior high school told me how devastated he was twenty years ago when his first teaching assignment turned out to be in this desolate village precariously balanced between the steep mountains and the cold grey sea (if only he had stepped out onto the mountain roads in summer. . .).

The New Years Crab was an Aesthetically Pleasing Change from Thanksgiving Turkey

Feast: My First Ever Traditional New Years Spent with A Japanese Family—My Family-in-Law

Hokkaido Gothic: Yuko and Me Shovelling the Parking Space in a Bid to Get Hungry Again

More Feasting with More In-Laws at Yuko’s Grandparent’s House: Grandpa and Grandma Nakamura have Three More Daughters besides Yuko’s Mother, but Yuko’s Family is Closest to Them in All Respects

I have no idea what to call this contraption, so let us name it Snowbeast. Snowbeast is a concrete pit fitted with a kerosene furnace and drains. It eliminates the need for finding a place to dump the snow when snow shovelling.

Yuko and Grandpa Nakamura Feed the Snowbeast

My Family-in-Law: Yuko’s Brother and His Wife Join for Day Two of Family Feasting

This is the traditional osechi ryouri put together by Yuko’s brother’s in-laws as a New Years gift to the Takahashi (Yuko’s) family. (Click on the photo for a Closer look).