Monday, February 14, 2005

Valentine’s Weekend Part the Second: The Sapporo Snow Festival

This weekend provided me with an opportunity to go to the Sapporo Snow Festival for the first time in twenty-four years or so. As a child I went to the Makonamai site on a Japanese Self-Defence Force base, but unfortunately I didn’t do my research before going this year so Yuko and I ended up at the main site in Oodori Park. Sad to say, this was the last year for Makonamai and the Self Defence Force’s participation, so I guess I’ll never get to relive my first snow festival experiences. Having said that, we had a great time at Oodori Park . . . .

Sapporo’s Snow Warriors Just Outside Sapporo Station

Later in the Day—Someone Had Pity on Them and Gave Some of Them Some Clothes

Honouring Kitty-chan’s Thirtieth Birthday

A Train or Something

I waited ten minutes with my cell phone camera for this shot of a kid coming down the snow slide with his mother, and that big gaijin brute with the briefcase walked right in front of me to take a picture himself!

Gift from the Earth

Asia Power: Yuko, with Mickey and Mini Riding the Chinese Dragon

Another Slide

Some Pagan God of the Far East: Bae Yong-joon (Known as “Yon-sama” in Japan), this pagan deity is sometimes worshiped by pushing two snowmen together to depict the act of kissing. At the Sapporo Snow Festival an entire segment of the park was devoted to The Winter Sonata. Unfortunately this was the only face of Yon-sama that escaped the mid-week thaw unharmed.

Nagoya Castle with Foolish, Underdressed Dog Owners in the Foreground Showing Off Their Foolish Over-Dressed and Undersized Dogs

A Tiger and Stuff