Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Could This Contain the Source Code?!

Click on the Image for the Super Large Version

Those who have been following the thread of my adventures this week will be aware that I have been reflecting on the mystery of all the cross dressing, phallic animal head tutu wearing, bum poking, body grabbing lechery that sometimes goes on around here at a slightly higher frequency and intensity than in other municipalities—I hope. What is the underlying script guiding the execution of all these sexual innuendo programs? In the course of Saturday’s graduation party in the Ikokuma Community Centre I discovered the relic pictured above—a national award winning block print crafted by the Kazamaura Youth League in 1981. Twenty-four years ago. That would put its creators in the age group of my students’ parents. Could this relic be a cryptogram codifying the communal consciousness of a whole generation of Kazamaurites? I tried scanning the image with my cell-phone’s “Scan Code” function but without arriving at any conclusive results. I suspect, though, that if I did get a reading it would be something to the effect of “That’s just the way people are. Get back to work, and watch out for that kid trying to kancho you.”

Actually, after much soul searching (about thirty seconds of it, to be exact), I feel I have been unfair. Most of the people I worked with in road construction and in the army reserves while living in Canada were far more perverse.* They were just more verbal about it, and placed less emphasis on expressing it through amateur performing arts. I mean, I come from Toronto, the city with an annual Gay Pride Parade in comparison to which Kazamaura’s community events seem like PG Disney movies.
*If you were one of the people I worked with, and you are reading this post, then the statement does not apply to you. It applies to the other guys who aren't reading this post or, more specifically, to the other guys who don't even know about it.