Thursday, April 14, 2005

Gaijin’s New “punch in the nose” Political Web Log

It has come to my attention that the most successful blogs (other then, perhaps, celebrity blogs) are political ones. This calls for a new direction. I have therefore ripped off a political online quiz from another JET blog to help me get jump started. Actually, this may be the first political diagnosis I’ve had since the Australian history teacher at my high school in the Philippines warned my British friends in the GCSE class that Luke Elliot “is slightly to the right of Ghengis Khan.” That was a long time ago. This is now.

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What Political Party Do Your Beliefs Put You In?
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I scored Green. Okay, that is pretty much in keeping with my current political leanings. The only thing I am less likely to be than a Democrat is a Nazi. Okay, I won’t argue with that. But honestly, if I am classified as 42% compatible with communism, then I have changed much more than I thought in the last fifteen years. Let my former self bear witness:

Wednesday, February 10, 1988

I think russian leaders need a punch in the nose. If I were a russian and I said That I’d get something worse then a punch in the nose. I hope Russia falls apart like roam did. It diserves to. It would be nice if communisam fell apart to. I think theres some russians that think that way. I think that the leader of russia shood be put in a prison camp. (Of coarse this is only what I think).

I propibly woald of started reading about queen Mary of the Scots if Lucy hadn’t dissided to take a nap on the book. (lucy is my cat).

As I was saying I think communisam is stupid. (Lucy just sat up again). We cross-country skied at school to day. My socks got soaked. Sory I’m a bit out of order. I think Queen Mary of the scots was a bit soft in the head. Daddy says so to. I’m glad I’m not a communist because the Bosses mite tell (Lucy just walked away) me that I had to be a ditch digger whe they don’t even no any thing about me. (I hope this diary isn’t found by russian communists)! Normal russian peaple have to work to mutch.

Hmmm. Maybe if I had been a “russian communist” the "Bosses" would have made me learn how to spell.

Me (Centre) with the "russians" (in 2001): Of Course, by This Time “russia” and “communisam” Had Fallen Apart and These Guys Were in Canadian Uniform