Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Break! Part the Fifth: In Which Yuko and Luke Do Cool Stuff Together and Enjoy It

April Showers? It Actually Snowed on April Fool’s Day

Checking Out the Desserts at Royce, One of Hokkaido’s Famous Manufacturers of Sweets

When Yuko bought me a necktie for Valentine’s Day, she got a coupon for an art exhibit (of china sculpture) so we went to check it out and get our free beverages. The exhibit was in one of the old Sapporo Beer factories/shopping mall. According to a brochure I picked up, “the history of Japanese beer is the history of Sapporo.” That probably explains why Sapporo is sister cities with both Munich and Milwaukee.

In Principle I Am Not a Big Fan of Shopping Malls, but I Have to Admit That My Heart Warms When I Stumble Upon a Glowing Consumer’s Paradise Like This (It Even Has a Bungee Swing in the Central Court!)

What a Beautiful Factory (and It Even Has a Museum Inside that Includes a Collection of Meiji Era Posters of Kimono Clad Beer-Girls)

Proofing and Printing Wedding Invitations