Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Spring Break! Part the Fourth: The Importance of Being Family (with a Footnote on Virtue)

It is an unavoidable fact that Yuko’s fellow clinical psychologists and people in my village simply assume that my visits to Sapporo are largely taken up in our cohabitation (I am obviously using this term euphemistically). However, since we both so highly value the belief that human sexuality only attains absolute fulfillment within the covenant bonds of marriage we are careful to cut down as much as possible on people’s confusion about what we are up to. When Yuko’s parents are away in Tokachi (where her father works) this means finding somewhere else for me to spend nights (even though her parents’ house has three stories and umpteen rooms). Since spending one week at the Futomi Spa down the road would break my bank, I got permission last week to sleep at the church that Yuko, her parents, and my sister (#1) and her husband belong to. The one night I did not stay at the church was the night Yuko and I spent at her grandparents. It happened to be Grandma Kiyo’s birthday, so on the way we picked up some flowers and a birthday cake. Apparently this was the first time in her seventy-plus years of life that Grandma Kiyo ever got birthday flowers and a birthday cake! She was so happy that she called up Yuko’s mother and told her all about it. For those who are curious about what Grandpa Kimura looks like, I have lots of family photos from Yuko’s side in my New Years Album of Family Feasting.