Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Golden Week Part the Sixth: Some Other Stuff

I spent quite a bit of Golden Week helping Yuko’s father in his garden. Most of these sessions were in the early morning, before breakfast. The picture above, however, is of me and Yoshiyuki helping Mr. Takahashi set up his two grapevines on a sunny afternoon. First, though, we had to go shopping for supplies.

I was astonished. I have seen many massive “home-improvement” shopping complexes like this in North America, but certainly not where I live now in Shimokita; and certainly not with parking lots so full of big expensive cars. さすが北海道!!

The day before I left, we had a chance to visit Yuko’s great aunt who is a kind of fairy godmother to the family.

Enjoying a Quiet Evening in the Fields Near Yuko’s Place