Thursday, June 16, 2005

Kancho Revisited

Yes, I have broken blog-silence for no particular good reason. I found a new blogging toy on someone else’s blog yesterday, and I’ve been playing with it all day because playing actual computer games would just be too complex for me. The new toy is called Statcounter, and with it I can produce images like this one.

Countries from which people have visited my blog in the last twenty four hours.

Statcounter’s “Came From” tool also enabled me to find out that my “Tao of Kancho” article has been popular in Quebec lately. Its burgeoning fame seems to have started at this site and progressed to this site (look for the word “dongshim”).

Click on the photo for my original “Tao of Kancho” article. David Namisato’s original work of art (which he was kind enough to give me permission to use) is apparently what attracted attention to my article in the first place. Not surprising—it’s my favourite illustration of life as an ALT in Japan.

Anyway, being one of those crass Canadians who never learned the “other” official language of his own country, I had to use Babel Fish to make sure these people weren’t saying anything bad about me. This is what Babel Fish tells me they said:

“(correct to me somebody on the orthography) These Asian students who have fun to aim at the posterior one of their teacher with their fingers. Particular habit rather... for the Westerners.”

And the comment:

“I am unaware of how they call this wretched act in Japan but it is the same business which in Coree. I believe that one needs ecrire ddong chim, which wants to say in coreen acupuncture of the derriere...”