Sunday, July 03, 2005

Honeymoon Part I, Phase 2

After the lofty grandeur of Windsor Hotel with its world class prices for world class sushi, Yuko and I decided to go slumming in Hakodate.

Well, actually, eating at Lucky Peirro’s (reference, “12. A Japanese Girl Eats a Whale Burger” should not be classified as slumming since even Her Imperial Highness Princess Sayako has graced this particular Hakodate fast food franchise with her presence.

However, once we checked into the Hotel Sea Borne we realized that we had not quite been pushed off of the lap of luxury yet. After all, a quaint little New England style hotel with little notes handwritten in English and addressed to “Sir” posted all over the rooms cannot be too shabby, even if it is relatively inexpensive. There was even one note assuring Sir to help himself to anything in the fridge at no extra cost. (There was also a typeset Japanese note which was meant, I assume, to reassure Yuko that she also was welcome to help herself to the free beer and wine coolers were she so inclined).

After the gourmet continental breakfast there was no going back to greasy ramen . . .

. . . so we hit one of the “hidden treasures” of Hakodate dining. Its identity will remain hidden since I am feeling too lazy to try to interpret the name printed on the door curtains,

. . . but if you pick up a copy of Rurubu’s Hakodate guide you should be well equipped to find the right place to have lunch.

Note: The History of every major Galactic Civilization tends to pass through three distinct and recognizable phases, those of Survival, Inquiry and Sophistication, otherwise known as the How, Why and Where phases. For instance, the first phase is characterized by the question How can we eat? the second by the question Why do we eat? and the third by the question Where shall we have lunch?
-- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy