Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The Journey of the Bride

The Ceremony in Photos

The Bride and Groom Dressed in Their Escape Suits Prepare to Escape in Their Escapemobile (Otherwise Known as “Sora-chan,” Yuko’s Toyota Vitz). Yuko’s “Escape Dress” Made by Sister #4, Together with Her Classy Hat, Caused Quite a Sensation

Yuko Crossing the Tsugaru Strait to Her New Home in Kazamaura

On the Ferry: The First Indication of the Local Male Population’s Inevitable Fascination with Yuko

Home at Last, Opening and Recording Wedding Gifts

Now that I have acquired my mother’s massive collection of photos taken at our wedding I will be posting them one chapter at a time on a regular basis on Luke and Yuko’s Wedding blog. Please feel free to check out The Ceremony.