Friday, July 08, 2005

Kazamaura Welcomes the Bride

Kazamaura’s Educational Elite Welcome the Newlyweds in Song

On July 5 Kazamaura’s board of education in conjunction with Kazamaura’s public schools threw an (expensive) party at the New Shimofuro Hotel to congratulate Yuko and me on our nuptials. With a very few exceptions, every member of the board of education and every employee of the village's four public schools was present—everyone from cleaning ladies to principles. At first I was a little nervous, but soon the vast majority were so drunk as to render that state of mind unnecessary.

A Close-up from the Previous Image Depicting in Greater Detail the Dance of the Junior High VP

Likewise, a Close-up of Kazamaura’s Mayor a.k.a. the Owner of the New Shimofuro Hotel Jamming on the Shamisen

The Mayor and an Elementary School Teacher Serenading Us

I Introduce Yuko to the Masses

Yuko Addresses the Crowd and Lays Down the Law

*All photos in this post were taken by Kazamaura’s official village photographer and presented to me on a memory stick by board of education staff.