Friday, August 26, 2005

Honeymoon Part II: The People and the Places

First Stop, Chatsworth: Grandpa and Grandma Elliot

Chatsworth to Peterborough for Lunch with Aunt Mary and Uncel Paul: 270km

Peterborough to Kanata (Ottawa) to Meet the Mysterious Sister #2 and Her Fiance, Adam: 252km

Ottawa to Schroon Lake to Visit the Japanese Campers and Staff at Word of Life: 336.8km

Kazu (my legendary ex-roommate) Was There!

Schroon Lake to My Mother's Hometown Eastford, CT: 361.9km

Eastford to Middletown, CT to Visit the House of Many Daughters: 82.2km

Middletown to the University of Bridgeport to Visit Aunt Cassandra Who is Studying to Be a Naturopathic Doctor: 77.2km

Aunt Cassandra's to Downtown Manhatten for a Classy Luncheon: 98.8km

Manhatten to Warrington (Philadelphia area), PA for Food, Fun, and a Very Late Night of Fellowship with the Wonderful Duo Who Did Our Wedding Photos: 147.7 km

Philadelphia to Columbus, OH to Visit Nate Thomas and His Lovely Bride to Be: 769.6km

Columbus to Chicago for a Wickedawesome Reunion with Old MK Friends: 649.1km

And of Course We Popped Over to Spend Time with Kazuko: 57.8km
And then Back to Chatsworth, ON: 846.8km

Distance Travelled: 3,950km
Days Spent: 12 (only counting this road trip)
Time with Friends and Relations: PRICELESS!!

A few days later we had the privilage of serving as best man and matron of honour at Namik and Nahoko's wedding in Toronto--may the Lord bless their marriage!

We also had an opportunity to attend Grace Toronto Japanese Church on our last day in North America. The numbers were depleted due to the summer holidays but it was still good to get together with Pastor Murai's family and to see old friends.

This has been the barest outline of our three week trip abroad. More coverage will be given in future posts, and Gaijin for Life will be airing a Bear Runner Productions trilogy online (Episode I: American Food and Other Large Sizes, Episode II: Meet the Relatives, and Episode III: Go Go Gaijin).