Wednesday, September 07, 2005

The Bears Can Wait: Jamie-sensei wa doko??!!

Early this morning in the tail winds of Typhoon Tabi (#14) Gaijin for Life pledged to divert resources from the Find a Bear Campaign to assist the “Jamie-san wa doko?” Society in its drive to discover what became of In addition to the trusty Bear Runner used in acquiring all photographic illustrations used in Gaijin for Life, Mowgli’s Tooth will also be dedicated to the task of finding out what went wrong with avoidinglife and correcting it. (Actually, Jamie-sensei will technically be on his own for the "and correcting it" part, but it's the thought that counts.)

I acquired Mowgli’s Tooth on my Scandinavian tour of adventure which took me as far as Nordkapp at the northern tip of Europe in the summer of 1999. I christened it after Mowgli, the man-cub of Jungle Book fame armed neither with the teeth of tigers nor the claws of bears, who lived in the wild on the strength of his cunning, character, and friendships alone. Mowgli’s Tooth, by its very feebleness, reminds me that I too must rely on those three qualities rather than weapons in my search for Jamie-sensei and the Shimokita bears.

Missing Person: Jamie Patterson is lost in cyberspace (this does not rule out the possibility that his students in Noheji and his friends in Hirosaki are still seeing him in the flesh on a daily basis, but it does mean that those of us who look forward to morning coffee and daily visits to have had one of our legs kicked out from under us). This is an artist's rendition of the missing Jamie-sensei, created around the time that he re-contracted with the JET Programme last winter.

Also Missing: Hugh Je of fame, who formed the second pillar in the gateway to Amori Anglophonic-blogging. Apparently his website was hosted on Jamie’s web account. Last known location—Hogtown a.k.a. Hollywood North a.k.a. Toronto the Good, trying to re-assimilate.

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