Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Looking for Brother Bear on Hiuchi-dake

Kazamonkey (a.k.a. Kazamaura “Jones”), The Scandal Plagued Founder of Gaijin for Life

Gaijin for Life's Operation Bear Watch was the victim of another employee instigated hoax early yesterday when a photograph purporting to be of a bear obscured by foliage was released to the public. The object in the photo later proved to be the upturned roots of a fallen tree. This is the second hoax to plague the Find a Bear Campaign this season and has led to the founder and executive director of Gaijin for Life to declare a “War on Fraudulism.”

In order to find Brother Bear, Kazamonkey must think like a bear, move like a bear, and eat like a bear . . . although it is doubtful that a bear would have gone to the trouble of collecting these wild grapes in the treetops, fifteen metres off the ground.

This is the part of our program where we take a moment to pay tribute to the other Luke by posting a photograph of Mount Iwaki. No, really, it’s there. You simply have to squint just right because there are over a hundred kilometres and a body of water between the mountain and Bear Runner.

Die Zauberflöte: The Three Ladies
Actually, they didn’t believe I could see Mount Iwaki, either . . . lucky I got the photographic evidence. Hiuchi-dake is the highest mountain in Kazamaura so these ladies have nowhere higher to go. We could see all of the southern coast of Hokkaido, all of Cape Oma, all of Cape Shiriya, all of Mutsu city, the Tsugaru Peninsula, the Pacific Ocean, the Tsugaru Strait and Mutsu Bay. Surprisingly, Shimokita’s mountainous terrain obscured most of the peninsula’s outline and most of Mutsu Bay.

While the ladies enjoyed the view, I continued my martial arts training in the Leaping Bear style.

The Gang of Four (including Yotaro Muraguchi and his wife, the magnificent minds behind the Muraguchi Industries, ydonoki, and Yotaro in the Forrest enterprises).