Tuesday, November 29, 2005

In Which It is Reported that the Kazamaura Elliots are Proactively Engaged In Creating

I have been neglecting my blog because I have had many other things to do, such as thinking about (as apposed to “studying for”) the Level Two Japanese Language Proficiency Test I will be taking this weekend and my CLAIR/JET sponsored Linguistics and Pedagogy Course and dashing off to America for a long weekend to attend my sister Leta’s wedding. However, my wife Yuko has petitioned me to cut short my self-imposed blogfast in order to post our first baby photo.

If you cannot find the baby in our baby photo, I will refrain from being offended. (If you click on the photo for an enlargement, you might be able to see the two white crosses that the doctor superimposed on the image as boundary markers to remind us where the baby is in case we forget). The baby’s name is either Josiah Hikari Elliot (for his Canadian passport) a.k.a. エリオット 光 (for his Japanese passport) or else its name is Emma Grace Elliot (for her Canadian passport) a.k.a. エリオット 恵真 (for her Japanese passport). Since the individual in question is merely eight weeks old in real life terms, it is as yet impossible to say which of the above two persons we are dealing with.

The photo comes to you courtesy of St. Cecilia Ladies’ Clinic which is a semi-naturopathic institution in Aomori City. Yuko and the Baby have both been pronounced to be in excellent health and we invite family and friends to join us in committing this new life into God’s hands in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.