Sunday, March 12, 2006

I Am not an Artist ~ Just a Big Brute that Causes Little Girls to Cry

My paint-roller painting started out as a sunny landscape of hazy mountains. Then it was a mountain range at sunset. Then it became the land of Mordor.

The good news is, nobody cried during my English lesson this time. At Shimofuro Elementary School, I have to spend an entire day with one single class. Last time I was with this class there were three little girls and I taught them how to play rock paper scissors in English. The girl who lost three times in a row cried for the next two periods. Since then, one new girl moved to Shimofuro and two girls moved away, leaving a total of two. This time I just had them play with alphabet cards in such a way that, technically, nobody could lose. Obviously these kids aren’t conditioned to winning and losing the way Hebiura kids are.

In other news, Mr. Muraguchi couldn’t wait until Grace’s first birthday to buy her a cake, so he brought back an “It’s a Girl!” cake from his trip to Aomori City.

The chocolate plaque says: “Emma-chan,” Emma, of course, being Grace’s Japanese name. I promise that Gaijin for Life is not going to become a baby blog.