Monday, March 06, 2006

It’s a Girl! Welcome to Earth, Emma Grace Elliot a.k.a. エリオット 恵真

I still maintain that our unborn baby looks like an American space alien, but Yuko says she looks like me. “I think 恵真ちゃん (Emma-chan) looks like you . . . I think she has your facial structure,” she says.

Let the readers decide. For myself, I pity the girl who looks like me.

Now that the femininity of our offspring is determined, it is important to address a few points on nomenclature. Let the reader know, and let the hearer understand: if thou addresseth our daughter in the English tongue, thou shalt call her name Grace or, if thou be not her intimate, thou shalt approach her even as Miss Elliot. But if thou speakest Japanese, and converse with her in the language of her mother thou shalt call her 恵真. To put it less ostentatiously, Grace is her English name and Emma is her Japanese name. Her Canadian passport will carry both names, but her Japanese passport will only carry the latter, and in kanji characters. This christening brings to a close an era in which she was simply referred to as “The Kid” or, during prayer time, as “The Child Within.”

Some people have asked me what fruit stage Grace is at. That is because during our first few visits to the maternity clinic we received postcards with life-size illustrations showing us what size she was relative to a soy bean and, later, a strawberry. However, we are now receiving postcards with life-size representations of her hand.