Sunday, March 26, 2006

Sewing with Sarah

As my parents were away for a week at a seminar down in Chiba-ken, Sister #4 came up to visit us in Kazamaura. Sadly, this will be Sarah Anne’s last visit for a long while since she is leaving Japan in April and will be going to university in Manitoba. Nobody in our family has ever gone to university in Manitoba. My parents went to Saskatchewan. I went to upstate New York, Philadelphia and Toronto. Sister #1 went to France and Tokyo. Sister #2 went to New Brunswick. Sister #3 went to Hakodate (Hokkaido, Japan) and Vladivostok (the Russian Far East). But none of us has ever gone to Manitoba for university before. What can she possibly be up to? I mean, has she ever seen Manitoba? I have . . . (shivers). Anyway, it was decided that this visit would be a sewing week and that Sister #4 would teach Yuko how to sew.


Now, when Yuko and I have visitors, the whole village knows it. At least, the curious portions of the village do. Interestingly, I was asked numerous times throughout the week if my wife's sister was visiting. I honestly didn't think that Yuko and Sarah Anne looked that much alike. On the other hand, many people commented on Sarah's excellent Japanese and her marvellous command and control over chopsticks, even though nobody ever thinks to comment on my wife Yuko’s accomplishments in those two areas. Odd, because Yuko has actually spent about three times as many years in North America as Sarah Anne has. Sarah Anne was born in Ajigasawa. She has never lived in North America before . . . just visited. So perhaps when I run into Nisei people back in Toronto I should complement them on their English vocabularies and on their extraordinary competence in the use of silverware . . . provided, of course, that they really have mastered such difficult aspects of North American culture. (Just kidding, David Namisato).

Putting the Finishing Touches on Yuko’s Christmas Table Cloth

Sarah H. also visited us for the first part of the week, having joined us in Misawa where I won the Peeps. Having a background in fashion and design, Sarah H. played a large role in Yuko’s sewing lessons. Unfortunately, the only pictures I have of Sarah H’s visit are of her brushing her teeth. Sorry, Sarah.