Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why Did the Monkey Cross the Road?

To ponder that question would be an absolute waste of our time. It is sufficient to know that there were about twenty monkeys total, that two baby monkeys ran across the street before I was able to point my camera in their direction (thus robbing me of a more interesting photograph to post on my blog), and that if any of the monkeys had been run over, it would have been up to my colleagues in the board of education to come and give them a proper burial, because that’s what the board of education does when "natural treasures" are run over.

Sometimes I take pictures of monkeys in order to be practiced up in the event that I am finally successful in my Find a Bear Campaign. Yesterday’s results troubled me because if this photo is the best I could do having gotten within twenty feet of the stupid monkey, then how am I ever going to get a decent photo of a bear, considering the far greater degree of artistic pressure I should expect to be under in such a situation. On another note, as you can see, the monkeys blend into the hillsides quite nicely even without any cover from trees or bushes, and it is not unusual for people to drive by twenty or so monkeys on the side of the road without ever noticing them. For those of you who feel that this blog has become boring over the course of the winter, I promise to give further coverage on the Monkey Wars in Wakinosawa as soon as the weather warms.