Monday, April 17, 2006

Feral JET: Honshu’s Northern Most Assistant Language Teacher

Travis Harper Comes In Out of the Wild All Hairy and Starved
Last year I titled my very first Keitai Cinema production Feral JET (look for it on the side bar). It wasn’t really a production. It was just me experimenting with my then new video camera cell phone in the board of education’s toilets. I am happy to report that I have married since then and become (nominally) domesticated. Now my wife and I are working on taming some of the still feral JETs lurking even deeper in the wilds of Shimokita. The last time I saw Honshu’s northernmost JET he was a clean shaven Californian carrying on sophisticated conversations about Ministry of Education publications. That was before the coming of winter. The other day we invited him over for an okonomiyaki party and he had grown quite hairy and wild, albeit with his intellect still in tact. For good measure we invited Mr. Nioka, another of our feral friends (pictured here gnawing on an okonomiyaki). Now to scour the mountainsides for lost JETs from past generations . . . there could yet be some who missed their plane rides home living among the monkeys.