Thursday, May 25, 2006

Happy Days

When Yuko and I aren’t frolicking in our garden, we’re usually eating ice cream.

There is no real ice cream in Kazamaura, so we drive over the mountain and through the cherry blossoms to the part of Shimokita that is connected to the rest of Japan. Actually, the sad truth is that although this cherry blossom tunnel is over five kilometres long, it only lasts for about a week . . . .

One day we might share a scallop (the shell fish called hotate in Japanese) flavoured soft cream—which is basically like vanilla soft cream, only saltier.

Another day, we might try the flavours at Steak One in Mutsu. On this particular occasion I got the green because that’s my favourite colour and Yuko got the pink because pink was cherry blossom flavoured and we were enjoying the cherry blossoms that day. Yuko reports that the cherry blossom flavour was quite good, but I’m afraid that my wasabi flavoured soft cream lost its charm after the fifth bite or so. At first I thought “hmmm, like sushi, only less fishy . . . and its kind of macho to eat a horse radish flavoured soft cream that burns your stomach.” Later, though, the oily texture really began to bother me and the task of eating the thing became tedious to me. What’s more, Steak One is that restaurant of your dreams where they fill your cone to the very tip of the bottom. It was only with great difficulty that I finally overcame my foe and defeated the wasabi soft cream, swallowing its essence and absorbing its powers.