Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lucky Pierrot and the Burger of Whale

As a general rule, I shun fast food establishments. Occasionally I make an exception for MOS Burger. I always make an exception for Lucky Pierrot. Fortunately for my health, Lucky Pierrot only exists in Hakodate and although I can see Hakodate from my front yard I am separated from it by a ferry ride that is just a little to long and a little too expensive. I would like to start a campaign to invite Lucky Pierrot to open a franchise in Oma, but I am already bogged down in the Find a Bear Campaign and should probably refrain from embarking on any new ones.

Naturally, Yuko and I dropped by for dinner at Lucky Pierrot on the way back from Sapporo. Actually, Yuko probably would have enjoyed eating at a classier restaurant more, but . . . I mean . . . we were in Hakodate. Since I had my camera with me this time, I felt morally obligated to order Lucky Pierrot’s #2 most popular burger: the Whale Burger. I would have much preferred Chinese Chicken (Lucky Pierrot’s #1 most popular burger) but sometimes one must make sacrifices.

As you can see, whale meet is dark and looks a little like liver. It also tastes a little like liver. In fact, it really doesn’t taste good at all—a fact I was already aware of before I ordered my whale burger.

But Which Whale is My Whale?

Lucky Pierrot is famous for its gaudy d├ęcor. In this particular franchise, across the street from Goryoukaku Park, the place of honour is occupied by a plaque commemorating the time that her former imperial highness Princess Sayako (now Mrs. Sayako Kuroda) ate a Lucky Pierrot burger. Next to it is a poster of all the different whale species in honour of Lucky Pierrot's #2 most popular burger.