Monday, May 08, 2006

Takahashi BBQ II

My father-in-law long dreamed of the day when he could preside over family barbeques at the family estate. Those days have come, and this Golden Week provided an occasion for the Second Great Takahashi-Elliot-Watanabe BBQ.
Fire and Man. Man was made to till the earth (note the big garden in the background) and to huddle around fires, to poke the fires, and to roast the flesh of many beasts on the fires.

Sometimes, though, man gets too close to the fires, and his hair is singed. This happened when my father-in-law tossed a pile of dry hiba branches onto the fire. I was sitting by the fire, the fire leapt up many feet into the air, the wind blew mightily in my direction and the flames engulfed my head. Fortunately I had the presence of mind to fling myself backwards head over heels and onto the ground, or I might have lost my eyebrows and whiskers as well. One of my worst recurring nightmares is of me losing my beard and moustaches in a shaving (or pyrotechnic) accident, and I shudder to think how close that nightmare came to coming true.

The Flesh of Beasts, Destined for the Fire

The basement of the Takahashi house is entirely above ground, which means that the kitchen is on the second floor. In order to facilitate the transportation of food and materials to and from the fire ranger brother-in-law #1 put his rope craft to practical use.

Sister #1 put things into the blue bucket and lowered them down to her waiting husband below.

Nephew with Hamburger

Sister #1 with the Rice Balls (there were six of them, but Yuko took one to “feed to Emma-chan”----our soon to be born daughter)

Rice Balls and Squid . . . what one DOESN’T generally find on a grill in Canada

With a grandson to distract her, grandma doesn’t eat much anymore. What will happen next barbeque when, Lord willing, there will be THREE grandchildren?