Monday, May 08, 2006

The Takahashis Visit Kazamaura

The day after Hans and Mirjam departed, Yuko’s family arrived. While her parents had visited us in Kazamaura once before, it was a first for her brother, his wife, and their little son. Unfortunately a combination of fatigue and gloomy weather prevented us from taking them around to see sites, but we did all make our way down to Waido-no-ki to visit the Muraguchi’s. While their main business is lumber, they also run a little workshop and café full of hiba products.
Resting in the Hiba Café

Mr. Muraguchi Entertains Our Nephew with Gifts of Hiba

Our Little Nephew, Souki, Demonstrates How Delighted He is With His New Hiba Toys

Mr. Muraguchi likes to promote his website by occasionally offering prizes to people who become the something-somethingeth visitor to his homepage. Both Yuko and her brother like to compete for these prizes, and some months ago her brother managed to hit three prize numbers in a row. Consequently, he was loaded down with Muraguchi hiba products when we departed.
Yuko Relaxes in a Corner of the Workshop

I Amuse Myself in Another Corner of Said Workshop