Wednesday, June 14, 2006

A Contribution to the JET Community

Sometimes I feel guilty about not being involved at all in the JET community. I have been a good boy and attended all of the required conferences, but I have never, even once, gone to a JET social event. Whole months have gone by in the past without me seeing a fellow JET (special apologies here to Travis who only lives ten minutes away from me). Anyway, in order to partially make up for my aloofness, I would like to contribute by pointing this year’s new crop of JETs to this educational video put out by Japan Culture Lab. It’s not necessarily comprehensive, but it’s an important start and should adequately prepare even the most uninformed newbies for their first social encounters with their new colleagues.

The Japanese Tradition: Sushi
By Japan Culture Lab

Special thanks to David Emery for introducing me to this video