Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Maternity Yoga for Men

Obeying the Soft, Persuasive Voice of Our Tele-Yogi
If you arrived at this page by googling “maternity yoga for men,” than I apologize. I offer no useful information here. I merely report that my wife bought a DVD and textbook of maternity yoga, and I do it with her. While I am unable to carry out some of the finer operations demanded of me such as resting my hands over my womb and focusing awareness on the child within, I find that just one week of maternity yoga has made me much less like a seventy-year-old man—and that’s a big accomplishment for a twenty-nine-year-old in this day and age. Yuko, of course, is much better at yoga than me. Her goal is that our first child will pop out like a cork with a “Pon!” This will require being knowledgeable, confident, relaxed and, above all, flexible and fit, so exercise is a top priority for us right now.

The doctor assured us that Grace’s face will not be so squished after she’s been out of the baby box for a while. Yuko says she certainly hopes not. Grace now has our maternity clinic’s official permission to be born, when so ever she chooses. Having said that, her official due date, calculated in the old fashioned way based on dubious memory work, is 11 July. The computer generated due date calculated from the size of Grace’s head is 28 June. It’s hard to say how well-informed Grace is on these dates and their application to her own life.

As I said, ready to be born.