Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Mobileman II Sneak Preview: With an Exclusive Interview with the Director

Title Image for Mobileman II: The Return of Keitai Cinema

Production on Mobileman II is finally complete and it has been uploaded onto Google Video, with the international release date pending verification by Google staff. 001 Mobileman II is the first in the new Keitai Cinema “double-O” series and represents a new benchmark in Gaijin for Life cell phone cinematography, characterized by a larger staff, increased funding and a higher degree of planning.

Director and Screenwriter Luke Elliot in an Interview with Mobileman II (Look Closely at the Bicycle Seat)

Gaijin for Life: What makes a Keitai Cinema film a Keitai Cinema film?

Luke Elliot: Well, I would say that in a technical sense it’s the three guiding principles of Keitai Cinema: exclusive use of cell phones for filming, using Windows Movie Maker for editing, and the five minute rule. Of course, on an artistic level Keitai Cinema remains un-definable.

Gaijin for Life: Would you say that Keitai Cinema has been faithful to the three principles of cell phone cinematography?

Luke Elliot: Well, yes, I think so. Of course, a basic exception had to be made in Mobileman II since the cell phone itself was a principal actor. For shots involving Mobileman II we used a Caplio R2 handheld digital camera, and we may use a limited number of still photos taken with conventional digital cameras in our next short, 002 . . . I don’t think these minor exceptions violate the spirit of Keitai Cinema, though. There needs to be a degree of flexibility in any artistic medium.

Gaijin for Life: Well, thank you for your time. If we may close with one final question, what is the main difference between the original Keitai Cinema films and the new double-O series?

Luke Elliot: I would have to say that the single greatest difference is the fact that I am married now. In the original series it was just me, alone, here in Kazamaura, balancing my cell phone on precarious surfaces and talking to myself. Now my wife is heavily involved as a member of the Keitai Cinema camera crew and that has infinitely increased our flexibility in camera angles and panning capability. I also think Yuko is much less likely to drop Mobileman II into a rice paddy.

Gaijin for Life: You and your wife are expecting, aren’t you?

Luke Elliot: Yes, Yuko is nine months pregnant and she was already experiencing the first pangs of impending childbirth during the final stages of filming for Mobileman II. A lovely woman; and she’s been just marvellous on the set. Expect to see her feature prominently in future films.

Gaijin for Life: Well, again, thank you, and congratulations.

Luke Elliot: Thank you, it’s been a pleasure.

Titles from Keitai Cinema’s Original “O” Series

Some of the Title Skins Originally Considered for the New Keitai Cinema Double “O” Series