Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Oh Yeah, the Students

Ikokuma Elementary School Students Release Juvenile Char into the Nearby River Under the Auspices of a Local Fishing Club (Note the Camera Crew and the Politician)

Perhaps some of you are wondering why I don’t write anything about the schools I teach at anymore. After all, this did start out as a JET blog to describe life as a JET in rural Aomori. There are a couple of reasons. First, the second year was very much like the first. I suppose I could have done a “last year vs. this year” sort of series, but that would have taken a great deal of effort—something I’ve been rationing lately when it comes to this blog. Secondly, I’ve come to realize that a great many local people visit Gaijin for Life to look at the pictures and see how their local foreigner lives, and I don’t want to get a reputation in town of recklessly posting hundreds of photos of other people’s real children on the internet.

Baby Char (It was a little difficult for the smaller kids to lean far enough over the river when emptying their buckets, so many of these young char began their new lives bouncing off the rocks—which was kind of funny . . . though perhaps not for the char)

Hebiura Elementary School takes Its Show on the Road
All three of the elementary schools in Kazamaura advertise their sports festivals by sending their marching bands through their respective school districts. By “marching band” we mean, of course, the entire student body. As they make their way down the main road with their police escort, neighbourhood grandmothers thrust festive envelopes of money into the principal's hands (since he doesn't wear a g-string).

Halftime in the Shade