Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Shimokita: The Short, Short Tour

A drive around Shimokita can be a majical mistery toor (deliberately misspelled lest the Ghost of Beatles Past suspect infringement) but it takes a proper investment of time and a fortunate pattern of weather to make it happen. During the Itayanagi Chapel short-termers’ visit we were blessed with a magnificent misty view of the Hotokegaura cliffs, which would make a wonderful pirates lair. Unfortunately, though, due to road construction on the Kaikyo Line we were unable to visit the Wakinosawa Monkey Wars as planned . . . a stunning blow to our expedition.

Cruising through Shimokita’s Mountains in the Silver Spaceship (a.k.a. the Ghent Family Van)

Partly in compensation for the disappointment caused by missing the simian war zone, we dropped by Osore-zan where John Orme crossed the red bridge into the netherworld . . . only to be disappointed to find us waiting for him on the other side.

It was raining, but we still took a peek through the temple gates for a view of the hellish, sulphur smelling landscape within.

Perhaps I will Translate this Sign when I am Feeling Less Lazy