Thursday, July 27, 2006

Home Again

The Baby has Landed . . . in Kazamaura:
Our Little Space Cadet in Her All-Purpose "Space Capsule" (calling Grace a "space cadet" is part of our cunning plan to hide her true identity as a baby-genius)

Grandpa and Grandma Elliot Visited and Brought Grace the Last Quilt Made by Great Grandma Elliot before She Lost Her Eyesight

Flexing, in Preparation for Giving Grace Her Bath in the Bathroom Sink . . . Notice the Handycam Mounted in the Corner in order to Take a Video of Grace’s Bath for Grandpa and Grandma Takahashi

After Her Bath, Clean, Clothed, and in Her Right Mind

How did She Fit inside of Her?!

According to the birth clinic’s report, Grace is gaining weight at three times the rate of a “normal” baby. Fortunately, she is accomplishing this fete on a pure diet of mother’s milk (available to her in superabundance), so we don’t have to worry about obesity. Grace’s baby fat will wear off naturally, and giving so much milk will help Yuko in her return to maximum fitness. One thing’s for certain, though: absolutely no sweets for Grace when she gets older! If she were ever to eat junk food and/or processed food (same difference) at the same rate she puts away her mother’s milk . . . .