Tuesday, July 11, 2006

This Just In . . . Emma Grace Elliot a.k.a.
エリオット 恵真 Born in Aomori

Grace, Yuko, Me, and My Mother . . . Grace was born at 9:36 a.m. Tokyo time so, as one can deduce from the clock on the wall, this photo was taken when she was approximately 35 minutes old. As I write this, the clock reads 1:04 p.m. Gaijin for Life apologizes for the delay of this report but, as indicated by my firm grip on our brand new SONY DCR-DVD405 Handycam, the for-family home movie took priority. This home movie includes footage of Yuko’s last huffs and puffs and Grace's first few moments in this world as a purple giant (she weighed in at 3,600g and measured 53cm long . . . and it seems most babies are born bluish purple from the exertion). Those special moments will only be available on DVD, but Gaijin for Life plans to broadcast a Mobileman interview with mother and child, possibly as early as tomorrow. Find out how Yuko’s “Pon!” Birth Plan went!

Yuko with Grace, Assisted by the Midwife

I Participate in the Clinic’s “Papa Kangaroo” Skin-ship Moment (All photos in this post were taken with Mobileman II, my V604SH cell phone).