Monday, July 10, 2006

Waiting for Grace Part I

Summer in Kazamaura (5 July 2006)

Film Studies, in Preparation for Work on an All New Family Series
Everything from the display panel to the instruction manual is in Japanese and, while I am fluent enough to deceive people on the telephone, I am not literate enough to read printed matter with content requiring 100% comprehension (I’m much more comfortable in the 30% zone of minimum required reading comprehension level).

Circumstances have been conspiring to keep me indoors this season. Not only is it cold enough for us to break out our winter jackets when the fog rolls in off the coast, but Yuko being nine months pregnant has put the brakes on my usual summer pursuits such as hunger hikes (an otherwise normal hike in the mountains made abnormal by forgetting to pack a lunch) and tree climbing on the backcountry mountain roads. That’s just as well, since I really need to learn to operate the new Sony Handycam my in-laws sent me. Since they live far away in Hokkaido they want me to take lots of videos of their granddaughter. I am given to understand that “lots” means LOTS. This means that in addition to my responsibilities at Gaijin for Life’s Keitai Cinema, I am also now in charge of the Life of Grace series. Producing DVDs with high resolution footage from the Handycam is going to require learning a whole new set of skills involving hardware and software quite different from those used by the online Keitai Cinema. Although my new responsibilities will likely delay future Keitai Cinema productions, overall I expect that the experience and technical know-how I gain on the Life of Grace team will go far to enrich my work in the field of cell phone cinematography. In other news: Yes, today is Grace’s due date. No, Grace hasn’t been born yet.